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Research and Reducept

Our commitment to excellence drives us to collaborate with renowned institutes and conduct cutting-edge clinical studies.


Completed studies & Publications

Hippert, T. A. (2021). The Applicability of Virtual Reality in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Pain Complaints: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study (Doctoral dissertation).

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de Vries, F. S., van Dongen, R. T., & Bertens, D. (2023). Pain education and pain management skills in virtual reality in the treatment of chronic low back pain: A multiple baseline single-case experimental design. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 104257.

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Slatman, S., Staal, J. B., van Goor, H., Ostelo, R., Soer, R. & Knoop, J. (2024) Limited use of virtual reality in primary care physiotherapy for patients with chronic pain.

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Syl Slatman, Tjitske Groenveld, Raymond Ostelo, Harry van Goor, J. Bart Staal, and Jesper Knoop (2024) Development of a Multimodal, Personalized Intervention of Virtual Reality Integrated Within Physiotherapy for Patients With Complex Chronic Low-Back Pain

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Smits, M., van Goor, H., Kallewaard, J. W., Verbeek, P. P., & Ludden, G. D. (2022). Evaluating value mediation in patients with chronic low-back pain using virtual reality: contributions for empirical research in Value Sensitive Design. Health and technology, 12(4), 765-778.

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Bode, C., & Vonkeman, H. The use of immersive Virtual Reality in rheumatic patients with chronic pain complaints.

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Ludden, G. D. Merlijn Smits, Harry van Goor, Jan-Willem Kallewaard, Peter-Paul Verbeek. Creating Digital Well-being, 191.

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Groenveld, T. D., Smits, M. L., Knoop, J., Kallewaard, J. W., Staal, J. B., de Vries, M., & van Goor, H. (2023). Effect Of A Behavioural Therapy-Based Virtual Reality Application On Quality Of Life In Chronic Low Back Pain. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 10-1097.

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Publications where Reducept has been used together with other applications:
Orr, E., Arbel, T., Levy, M., Sela, Y., Weissberger, O., Liran, O., & Lewis, J. (2023). Virtual reality in the management of patients with low back and neck pain: a retrospective analysis of 82 people treated solely in the metaverse. Archives of Physiotherapy, 13(1), 1-12.

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Orr, E., Arbel, T., Levy, M., Sela, Y., Weissberger, O., & Lewis, J. (2023). Virtual reality in the management of health conditions for people aged 65 years and older: A retrospective analysis.

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Ongoing studies

HAN, RadboudUMC en VU: VR LBP Physiotherapy RCT N>100
Classic RCT that contributes to both the status and reimbursement of Reducept as a product.


Sint Maartens Clinic
Pilot Reducept Education in Qutenza treatment


Medical Spectrum Twente
Reducept for rheumatic complaints where the pain does not seem related to the degree of inflammation


RadboudVR-MAP: A Pilot on Virtual Reality in Management of Adhesion-related Chronic Abdominal Pain


UZ Brussel: Reducing Awakenings and Increasing Sleep Efficiency With Virtual Reality in Patients Suffering From


L. Tilma, Reducept feasibility 2019 (UTwente & Revalidation Friesland)

Featured researchers include:


Dr Jan Willem Kallewaard

MD, PhD, FIPP, Anesthesiologist pain reliever at Rijnstate & Amsterdam Medical Center

Syl Slatman

Drs. Natasja Maandag

Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist Sint Maartenskliniek.

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Reducept won multiple awards for research and design of VR therapy for pain, including the United Nations, the Royal House, MT/Sprout and has been named one of the top 25 medical and healthcare startups in the Netherlands and Healthcare Innovation of 2022 by the Chamber of Commerce.

Join us in our pursuit of strengthening the evidence for the Reducept Method. We warmly welcome potential partners who are interested in collaboration or seeking more information. Feel free to reach out to us today!

Scientific inspiration for the Reducept Method

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Kuipers, D. (2019). Design for Transfer: figural transfer through metaphorical recontextualization in Games for Health.
Louw, A., Diener, I., Butler, D. S., & Puentedura, E. J. (2011). The effect of neuroscience education on pain, disability, anxiety, and stress in chronic musculoskeletal pain. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 92(12), 2041-2056.

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Smits, M.L.M., Vries, de M., Garms, L, Delcliseur, H., Kallewaard, J.W., Geurts, J., Lier, E.J., & van Goor, H. (2019). Efficacy, Acceptability, Tolerability and Feasibility of a Therapeutic Virtual Reality Application on Improving the Quality of Life in Non specific Chronic Low back Pain Patients. Unpublished clinical trial.

Vanhaudenhuyse, A., Gillet, A., Malaise, N., Salamun, I., Grosdent, S., Maquet, D., ... & Faymonville, M. E. (2018). Psychological interventions influence patients' attitudes and beliefs about their chronic pain. Journal of traditional and complementary medicine, 8(2), 296-302.

de C Williams, A. C., Eccleston, C., & Morley, S. (2012). Psychological therapies for the management of chronic pain (excluding headache) in adults. Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (11).


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